Psychoeducational Workshops

Psychoeducational Workshops 2022

The workshops are held online. The fee is $200.00 per person.

We offer one day/4 hours (including one hour for lunch) Psychoeducational Workshops.

Topics Include:

Note: If you are a group of 4 wanting to schedule a workshop at a different time than those indicated for this year, contact Caroline Eick at

Developing Emotional Resilience and Intuitive Intelligence (March 18)
In this workshop, participants are introduced to the biological, neurological and spiritual role of the heart in monitoring distressing emotions and transmuting depleting energies into compassion. Participants are shown the quick coherence and heart-lock heart-focused breath techniques, as adapted by the Center for Heart-Mind Coherence from the HeartMath Institute, and are given the opportunity to apply the techniques to personal experiences during the workshop.

Nurturing Loving Presence in Parenting and Co-Parenting (May 13)
In this workshop, participants are introduced to the role played by imprints, the deep-seated beliefs developed in the eco-system of our childhood, that shape our emotional responses or reactions to life events and shape the quality of our relationships. Participants have the opportunity to identify some of the imprints carried over from their childhood that interfere with their effective and compassionate parenting, and some of the imprints that sustain and nourish their relationships with their children.

Why and How Love Heals (July 8)
In this workshop, participants are introduced to the notion of Love as a binding energy field that links separate things to one another, that facilitates, establishes and sustains integration within and between people. Personally and socially, to heal is to integrate the exiled parts of ourselves/of our society, to bring them to the light of awareness, full acceptance, and empowerment. Participants are given the opportunity to practice shifting from the energy field of fear to the energy field of Love.

Healthy Communications Skills for Couples (September 9)
In this workshop, participants are first introduced to the understanding of partnership not as a means to happiness, but as a means to spiritual awakening and emotional healing. This understanding serves as background against which the skills of effective listening, speaking, and quiet “with-it-ness/being-ness” are examined and nourished in the relationship.

Cancellation policy for sessions paid in full: When clients pay in full for a workshop and then cancel their session less than two weeks in advance, they will be reimbursed for 50% of the cost (serious medical reasons are an exception). Clients can reschedule their sessions, but if they withdraw completely after two consecutive reschedulings, they will only be reimbursed 30% of the total. Clients can postpone their fully paid sessions up to 6 months from the date of registration, after which they will no longer be reimbursed.

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