Our Inner Journey cohort leads clients through self-reflective work including:

  1. Identifying core beliefs and emotional patterns that keep us reliving the past and reenacting self defeating behaviors

  2. Integrate the latest research in neurocardiology and interpersonal neurobiology with the teachings of spiritual wisdom

Foundational Workshop

Inner Journey is the Center’s foundational workshop. In this 3-day workshop, clients uncover and begin to transform negative imprints, the deep-seated self-defeating beliefs that shape our perceptions and our emotional experiences of reality.

Self-Reflective Work

The workshop leads clients through self-reflective work including presentations, group coaching, guided writing exercises, and practices in heart-focused attention and breathwork.

Science Backed

The educational component aligns with the latest findings in neuroscience. Recent neuroscience breakthroughs are helping us understand how our imprints affect our ability to know ourselves deeply and transform our lives.

Limited seats are available for our Inner Journey cohort. Our next cohort will begin February 2023.

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