Attention to the Heart Awakens the Mind and Heals Relationships with Self, Others, and Nature.

What We Do

At The Center for Heart-Mind Coherence we teach heart-centered and inter-relational approaches to identifying and releasing blocked emotional energies that keep us reliving traumas of the past / enacting self-defeating habits. Our efforts are dedicated to participating in the awakening and quickening of intuitive intelligence to heal individual & trans-generational trauma.

We offer workshops designed to help individuals, families and communities uncover and transform self-defeating imprints, the deep-seated beliefs that skew our perceptions and emotional experiences of reality toward distress and mistrust, keeping us in repetitive survival modes of flight, fight or freeze. Negative imprints are activated and strengthened by core emotional addictions to security, power-control, sensation and suffering. These emotional habits keep us in reactive states until we identify them, and through the practice of heart-focused mindfulness, transform their energy.

Caroline Eick and Liliane Desjardins, co-founders of the Center for Heart-Mind Coherence, have more than 70 years of clinical and educational experience combined. Their professional backgrounds include the fields of addiction treatment, family dynamics, broader social/historical perspectives of community relations, and the role of personal and social narratives in the development of individual and cultural beliefs.

Our Services

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Couples Workshop

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Individualized Programs

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Licensing and Certifications in the Core Addictions Model

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Conference on Emotions

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We conduct research on the application of attention and intentional breathing in modulating and transmuting distressing emotional energies.