Attention to the Heart Awakens the Mind and Heals Relationships with Self, Others, and Nature.

What We Do

At The Center for Heart-Mind Coherence, we teach heart-centered and inter-relational approaches to recognizing and integrating distressing emotional energies that keep us reliving traumas of the past and reenacting self-defeating habits.

We integrate spiritual wisdom across the ages with the latest research on heart-intelligence and interpersonal neurobiology to develop the emotional competencies to relate with self and others meaningfully and authentically, with dignity and compassion. We are dedicated to participating in the awakening and quickening of love-centered intuitive intelligence to heal intergenerational and transgenerational trauma.

We offer workshops designed to help individuals, families, and communities uncover and transform the deep-seated beliefs (imprints) that keep us in repetitive survival modes of flight, fight, freeze, or fix, long after circumstances no longer warrant the originally deployed smart survival coping mechanisms.

Self-defeating imprints are activated and strengthened by core emotional addictions to security, power-control, sensation, and struggle. These emotional habits keep us in reactive states until we notice and meet them, and through the practice of heart-focused attention, transform their energy into wisdom, clear thinking, and responsible (response-able) action.

Caroline Eick and Liliane Desjardins, co-founders of the Center for Heart-Mind Coherence, have more than 70 years of clinical and educational experience combined. Their professional backgrounds include the fields of addiction treatment, family dynamics, broader social/historical perspectives of community relations and the role of personal and social narratives in the development of individual and cultural beliefs.

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Healing Through Heart and Mind Coherence.


We support and are informed by research that bridges biology and spirituality, and explores the fields of energy that constitute relationships.


The Imprint Journey: A Path of Lasting Transformation to the Authentic Self

In The Imprint Journey: A Path of Lasting Transformation to the Authentic Self, Liliane Desjardins shares her own journey and lessons learned as a therapist in an intimate and humble manner that is insightful, clear, and concise. Her book provides a fresh perspective on pursuing mindfulness and personal transformation. She reminds us that we have “hidden treasures” in our “true identity” and “authentic self” that can be overshadowed by life’s pains and fears.




Caroline Eick on CUTV Talk Radio

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Audio Excerpts from co-founder Caroline Eick's book:

Core Emotional Addictions at the Root of Compulsive Behaviors:

How to Use the Heart-Brain to Quiet the Compulsive Cognitive Brain