Inner Journey Workshop

Inner Journey is the Center’s foundational workshop. In this 4-day workshop, clients uncover and begin to transform negative imprints, the deep-seated self-defeating beliefs that shape our perceptions and our emotional experiences of reality. Attached to negative imprints are core emotional addictions to security, power-control, sensation, and suffering. These emotional addictions both trigger and are fueled by negative imprints, and in turn, keep us in reactive states until we identify them, and through the practiced application of attention and intention, release their energy. The workshop leads clients through self-reflective work including presentations, individual coaching, guided writing exercises, and practices in heart-focused attention and breathwork.

The educational component aligns with the latest findings in neuroscience. Recent neuroscience breakthroughs are helping us understand how our imprints affect our ability to know ourselves deeply and transform our lives. Encoded in our brain’s memory pathways, the imprints of our life experiences impact our perceptions, our thinking, our feeling, and doing. These experiences shape and are shaped by our biology. They can also be reshaped by our deliberate intent, thus changing neural pathways and future experiences. “From an interpersonal neurobiology perspective, attention is the ‘scalpel’ that helps remold neural pathways: attention is to a clinician or teacher what a scalpel is to a surgeon” (Siegel, 2012, p.32).

The fee is $3,300.00. A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is required, the remaining fee of $3000.00 is due two weeks prior to workshop. Clients have the choice to attend the workshop in-person, or online, via zoom.

Cancellation policy for sessions paid in full: When clients pay in full for a workshop and then cancel their session less than two weeks in advance, they will be reimbursed for 50% of the cost (serious medical reasons are an exception). It is the responsibility of clients if they do not show up on the first day of the workshop, to let us know whether they want to stay on the roster for future workshops, or want to be reimbursed. Clients can postpone their fully paid sessions up to 6 months from the date of registration, after which they will no longer be reimbursed.

Scholarships and payment plans may apply. Contact Caroline at for information about possible scholarships and payment plans.

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