Caroline’s Publications

Selected Publications Related to Long-Term Recovery from Addictive Behaviors and Self-Defeating Emotional Patterns

Eick, C. (2018). Core emotional addictions at the root of compulsive behaviors: How to use the heart-brain to quiet the obsessive cognitive brain. New York: Page Publishing, Inc.

Kampov-Polevoy, A.B., Eick, C., Boland, G., Khalitov, E., & Crews, F.T. (2004). Sweet linking, novelty seeking, and gender predict alcohol status. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 28(9), 1291-1298.

Williams, J. & Eick, C. (2003). Evaluating and managing patients who are not responding to treatment. In J. Westermeyer, R.,Weiss, R. and Ziedonis, D. (Eds.)Integrating treatment for mood and substance use disorders. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 140-160.

Eick, C. (1998). Tapping the core. The Professional Counselor, 13(4): 21-24.

Eick, C. & Ziedonis, D. (1998). Drama therapy can help addicts find their real self. The Next Step, pp.9-10.

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Selected Publications Related to Education, the Roles of Institutional Policies in Shaping Individuals’ Perceptions of Self-Empowerment, and the Roles of Individuals in Reshaping Institutional Norms.

Eick, C. (December, 2011). Evolving cross-group relationships. Intercultural Education 22(6): 467-486.

Eick, C. (2010). Race-class relations and integration in secondary education: The case ofMiller High. New York: Palgrave and Macmillan. / Awarded the 2011 Critics Choice Book Award of American Educational Studies Association.

Eick, C. & Valli, L. (2010). Teachers as cultural mediators: A comparison of the Accountability Era to the Assimilation Era. Critical Inquiry in Language Studies 7(1): 54-77. / Article included in the Routledge Education Class of 2011 / Recognition given for most downloaded article published in a Routledge journal in the last year.