Individualized Follow-Up


Individualised Follow-Up Programs

Follow-up programs are designed to help clients maintain the momentum gained during their workshops, strengthen the new habits to which they have committed, or continue to explore more deeply some of the issues that may have surfaced during the imprint work.

These programs are weekly meetings of 1 hour or 2 hours tailored to address the specific needs presented by the client. We address and frame issues presented by the client in light of our teachings regarding imprints and core emotional addictions.

The cost for the 7 weeks (2 hrs/week) or 14 week (1 hr/week) commitment is $2100.00 ($150.00/1 hour). There are no 7 or 14-week programs available for couples.

The cost for the 12 weeks (2 hrs/week) or 24 week (1 hr/week) commitment is $3600.00 ($150.00/1 hour) for individuals and $4,200.00 for couples.

We offer a 10% discount to clients who sign-up within 14 days of completion of their 4-day Inner Journey 1 or Couples workshop.

Clients who wish to sign up for individualized programs following the Inner Journey 1 & 2 workshops, contact Caroline Eick (

Clients who wish to sign up for individualized programs following their Couples workshop, contact Liliane Desjardins (

Caroline and Liliane also offer individual follow-up sessions without the 7 or 12-week commitments. However, the hourly fee for follow-ups without long-term commitments is $175.00 (compared to $150.00/hour for 7 or 12-week commitments).

Cancellation policy for the hourly follow-up meetings: If you wish to cancel an appointment, a 24 hours notification is required, otherwise the full $175.00 for that day will be charged.

Note: We work with clients with financial needs to make arrangements for payment plans.