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Over the years, we have effectively helped hundreds of people

group cooperation and harmony

Over the years we have effectively helped people

At home, at work, in society at large, and who sabotage their best efforts with self-defeating behavioral / relational patterns (chronically controlling or giving power away; isolating or people pleasing; engaging in volatile behaviors…). They leave us having experienced shifts in self-perception, feeling empowered to enact change and to connect with self and others authentically.


People who find themselves overwhelmed, confused and lost during a time of transition (i.e. divorce, changes in family structure, new job or loss of job, fresh in recovery from substance or behavioral addictions, moves and displacements…). They leave us having gained greater emotional stability, awareness and clarity, and the skills to sustain emotional resilience.


People seeking deeper spiritual growth and a yearning to live a more authentic and meaningful life. People seeking to develop and sustain higher frequency states more consistently (love, gratitude, forgiveness, joy…). They leave us with renewed energy and a sharper sense and use of attention and intention as tools in directing mental and emotional energies.